Skyfire Target Drone

Blast it down! The Skyfire Target Drone flies by itself on auto-pilot, levitating and maneuvering to avoid your attacks. Rack up the hits before time runs out. Track your hits, accuracy and reaction times on your smartphone with the free Faction Battle System app.

The ultimate target practice

Sharpen your skills before your next Faction battle with friends. Just toss in the air and start blasting! Think you’ve got it figured out? Adjust game parameters in the app to keep it fresh. Beat your best score or challenge a friend to see if they can do better.

3 ways to play

Skyfire flies itself for a 1-player game of target practice. You can also fly it manually for a 2-player game of drone vs. blaster. Can you blast Skyfire down before your opponent flies to victory? You can even take a break from blasting and fly manually, simple for the fun of flying.

No tech, no problem

Want to get in a few rounds without connecting to your phone? No problem. Skyfire works with and without the app. It also works with ANY type of blaster. Play outside with gel bead blasters or indoors with foam dart blasters.