Turn your neighborhood into an interactive battlefield

Get into the fight


Up your game with the latest blaster technology. Faction blasters shoot faster, harder and farther with water-based gel bead ammo. Gel beads are safe, soft and non-toxic. They’re also mess-free, disintegrating on impact. No more picking up wimpy foam darts!


Game Changer

All the excitement of a video game brought to life in the real world. Faction uses Bluetooth, GPS, and cloud server technology to create an interactive arena in your neighborhood. Choose a game and pick teams. The gameserver defines the arena and game objectives, in addition to tracking stats and keeping score. All you have to do is focus on the fun.

Get Connected

Faction devices network seamlessly together when connected to your smartphone. The Faction server tracks every action and every player location, as well as every smart beacon, base and objective. Real and virtual arenas merge together, creating the ultimate battling experience.

Live Audio & Team Chat

Keep your eyes on the target and your phone in your pocket. Press the built-in chat button on your Faction gel bead blaster to communicate with teammates. Receive audio feedback from Faction Command through the Faction Battle System app. Stay informed as the hectic battle unfolds.

Target Practice

Every Faction gel bead blaster comes with a Bluetooth connected smart beacon you can use for target practice. Track accuracy, response time and hit streaks in a fully configurable practice session. It even gives you a scoring summary at the end of each round, giving you high scores to bead. Time to put your blasting skills to the test.

Bring objectives to life

The smart beacon can also be used as a multifunction objective, adversary or marker…in both the real and virtual game world. Defend a tower, defuse a bomb, or capture a flag. The Faction gameserver tracks the beacon’s location and status, the exact same way it tracks players in real time.

The Faction Battle App

Customize game modes and play them in the real world. The Faction Battle Server manages all aspects of the game, so you can focus on winning! Download the free app and take your gel blaster battle to the next level!

  • Battle Royale
  • Capture the Flag
  • King of the Hill
  • Team Elimination
  • Tower Defense
  • Zombies vs Humans
  • Defuse the Bomb
  • Battlefield Takeover
  • Target Practice

Game modes subject to change. All modes may not be available at time of purchase, but will be available by end of 2023 through auto app updates. Screen images are representations and may not be reflective of actual app.